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... gives an overview over components and features of our products for opticians. You can access technical, price, and order information.

Frame Studio Ivaldi

... is the ideal solution for short-sighted customers, who cannot see distinctly without glasses. The customer of an optician can try glasses at the opticianís or at home via internet. Producers are always present at the opticianís with their newest collections. 

Contact Lens Studio Ivaldi

...enables the opticianís customer to try colored contact lenses, without any need to handle them. The opticians does not need samples of contacts anymore, the customer experiences a new level of service. Producers are always present at the opticianís with their newest collections.

Internet Studio Ivaldi

... offers opticians, wholesalers and producers the whole scale of online-marketing. Starting with a virtual fitting of glasses and colored contacts, it integrates seamlessly online ordering and adminsitration.

Optics Management Ivaldi

...  is a a management software for opticians.Opticians can manage their stock, customers, orders, etc.

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